Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Geraldine Get Real!

51% of the country is female. Since the founding of the republic 240 women have served in the US Congress; 155 Dems and 85 Reps in the House and 28 in the US Senate 17 Dems and 11 Reps.

African Americans who have served in the US Congress number 121; and only 5 (2 in the 1800’s) in the US Senate (4 Dems and 1 Rep)

The position that seems to be the best launching pad for the the presidency-governor- has seen 29 female governors 18 Dems and 11 Reps—-African American Governors have numbered 2! both elected in the last 20 years!

Today there are 8 female governors and only 1 Black governor; there are 16 female US senators and only 1 Black; there are 71 females in the US House and 43 Blacks

In fact when Dr King gave his ‘I have a dream’ speech in 1963 there 18 women in the US congress but only 4 Blacks and only a total of 7 had served since 1900!

So let’s see- just about every white US president had a white woman sharing their bed and there have been how many Black US Presidents– male or female? How many Black first Ladies?


So let’s get real I believe it is a more radical achievement to have an African American elected from the long oppressed 12% minority than to have a female elected from a 51% majority!

Oh yeah, Geraldine Ferraro got on the ticket in 1984 as vice president because of her background and experience- And George W Bush will go down in history for his erudite speaking ability!

And don’t get it twisted I support(ed) ERA, Abortion Rights, equal Pay, childcare leave, and the right of women to ’smoke’ abusive husbands as an act of self defense etc

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